History Makers Event

The Bell! Feel the power!

​Alvin Bell will guest perform at the 2019 Inaugural Davie JAZZFEST located at the Davie Arena in Davie, Fl. Bell will receive the Mayor Judy Paul Jazz Award 2019.

 International Jazz Day 2019

Alvin Bell will  guest perform at  a Guardian Care's  History Makers Heritage Event  held at the  Carter CME  Church  in Orlando, Florida at 11am.

Nationally known for his electrifying and powerful vocal performances, multi-talented artist ALVIN BELL is an immensely talented American singer with a range from rhythm and gospel to opera. Bell, a former Ed McMahon's "Next Big Star" finalist, has appeared on "Showtime At the Apollo" (Pay-per-View) NBC's iVillagelive and "Praise The Lord"-TBN. He recently guest starred in the hit national gospel musical "A Family Divided!"

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